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shoutout to the girls sucking dick because it makes THEM happy

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wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if I put my education on Facebook as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry???? wouldn’t that be so fresh???

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bank: your account is at -$5000….

me: |-5000|

me: :)

bank: sorry for wasting your time sir, you have a nice day.

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American History textbooks more like

Chapter 1: Introduction to White People
Chapter 2: White Settlers and The Indian Savages
Chapter 3: Whitey Makes A Country
Chapter 4: The Blacks
Chapter 5: Wars, Wars, Wars
Chapter 6: No More Racism!: Martin Luther King Jr. Gives a Speech
Chapter 7: The Modern Whites

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All these laxatives… And you still ain’t shit.image

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if you have school tomorrow


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